About Us


For two years Maria Delícia Industry has been promoting the manufacture of a wide variety of candies, caramels and lollipops, ranging from the most traditional flavors to delicious spices, prepared with differentiated and healthy ingredients, as some of them take natural fruit in their pulp formulation.
Located in Jacutinga / RS, Brazil, is the result of dreams and entrepreneurial actions of the Dalla Roza Lazzarotto Family, and its mission, besides developing and offering quality products, is the incesssant search for innovation and customer satisfaction.
The goal is the constant improvement of processes in order to deliver differentiated product with social responsibility. The company is committed to ethical and moral values towards its employees, customers and suppliers.
Even newcomer to the market, Maria Delícia already sweetens the lives of many Brazilians, expanding its sales to South America and gradually to different countries, always surprising with the quality and flavor of its products and the beauty of its packaging.
Each good made is made to cheer and bring sweetness to consumers. For Maria Delícia, a careful made candy not only sweetens the taste, but also the life of the one who consumes it, so everything is made for the entire family.

Develop and offer quality made products, creating a new concept on the candy industry, giving the client moments of happiness and satisfaction through our delights.

Become a reference in the candy industry, recognized for its products and services quality, valuing the satisfaction of its customers and consumers.Provide an excellent work environment. Establish the name Maria Delícia among the main companies in the segment.